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Nos cabanes

Mythology set "temps des sucres"

Mythology set "temps des sucres"

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A true celebration of spring, this trilogy of maple syrups tells the story of the sugaring-off season.

For our sugar-growing ancestors, nature guided the harvest. When the bears woke up and the birds started singing again, it was a sign that the maple water was beginning to flow. The first crows' cries, the appearance of the sugar bird and the woodpecker pecking at the maple water pails were all precious clues.

These sweet secrets, well-guarded by the old maple farmers, are revealed to you here, through these three bottles of maple syrup.

Let yourself be lulled by the hushed world of Isabelle Brouillette, the actress and painter who has once again signed a limited edition with Nos Cabanes.

Pure maple syrups

  • Designed in collaboration with artist and actress Isabelle Brouillette, who created the illustrations that adorn the bottles.

  • Syrups from Bury in the Eastern Townships

  • Set of 3 bottles, 200 ml each

Set includes :

  • 1 bottle of Oiseau de sucre golden maple syrup

  • 1 bottle of Amber Maple Syrup Flight of Crows

  • 1 bottle dark maple syrup Thirsty Bird

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