Our history

A family story

Our great-grandfather was an enterprising guy... his great-grandchildren are too. Shopkeepers at heart, more than four generations of the Lambert family are now happily carrying on the traditions of their ancestor in Saint-Jacques-des-Piles, on the banks of the Saint-Maurice River. No wonder Lambert & Co is synonymous with naturalness and authenticity. Here, you'll find one-of-a-kind objects whose beauty is matched only by the importance placed on quality and respect for heritage.

The Château Frontenac

When Samuel de Champlain founded Quebec City in 1608, he settled at the foot of Cap-aux-Diamants. He quickly climbed the cliff to build a fort overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Gradually, it became a castle, the Château Saint-Louis. It became the official residence of the governors of New France. Until the British Conquest in 1759, 18 governors ruled here, including Louis de Buade, Comte de Frontenac.

Frontenac held this position for almost 20 years. It was he who, in 1690, repelled the American William Phips' attack on Québec and thus saved the French colony. This is probably why he is the best-known governor in the history of New France.

In 1893, the Canadian Pacific Railway inaugurated a prestigious hotel in Quebec City. It stands in the capital's most beautiful location, on the very foundations of the Saint-Louis forts and châteaux. The name of the illustrious governor had been chosen, and the Château Frontenac was born.

The Château Frontenac tartan

To mark its 25th anniversary, the famous hotel created its own tartan. The basic colors alone sum up the hotel's history. Black recalls the shale of Cap-aux-Diamants; dark blue evokes the St. Lawrence River, gateway to the continent; royal blue symbolizes France and the Count of Frontenac; gold represents the Château Frontenac, a prestigious hotel more than a century old; white is associated with winter, the Château having long been the promoter of snow sports in Quebec City. The predominantly blue tartan is a reminder of comfort and joie de vivre.